EPE plant machinery, is a set  of all below mentioned machinery ,when ever we talk about epe plant machinery, includes all machines like EPE Extruder, Bonding Machine ,Recycling machine and other components. epe plant machinery we can buy from many countries like China, South Korea, Taiwan,Japan or USA, EPE plant machinery, bought from china is the cost effective but it needs customisation for Indian Environment, some major parts of EPE plant machinery, are supposed to be modified or replaced with big brands to work in indian environment.

First video is Fully automatic EPE plant machinery installed at Jodhpur.

EPE  EXTRUSION LINE is the essential part of EPE plant machinery                                                 
  • Tumbler mixer
  • Materials supply unit ( AutoLoader)
  • Extruder
  • Gas feeding unit
  • GMS Injection unit
  • Screen Changer
  • Die unit
  • Melt Pressure and Temperature Measuring unit
  • Cooling and sizing unit
  • Static Charge Eliminator
  • Guide bridge
  • Take off unit
  • Winder

Bonding Machines: used for thickening of sheets

Lamination Machines: used for laminating tow different materials like epe and PP

LPG storage system

Recycling extruder

Air Compressor

Cooling Tower

Chilling Plant


Globally EPE packaging material is gaining popularity as a packaging material in various market segments. EPE packaging of industrial products, sports goods, construction, insulation and other miscellaneous industrial items, automotive industry, agriculture, and miscellaneous Electronic industry is major uses of EPE foam sheet. Other industries which use EPE foam sheet-like telecom refrigeration, and air conditioning, food processing, automotive, and construction are also growing at a very fast rate and now it is used in mattress and for cushioning also, so clearly indicating a highly positive demand in EPE sheet. Also recent year there has been an increasing trend in different industries to use eco-friendly materials in their various fields. EPE being very eco friendly is likely to generate an active interest in the industries that are using analogous products which are not eco friendly. All these products can be produced when all epe plant machinery is installed with all its components.