EPE foam sheet/Film bonding machine-thickening machine is the deeply processing equipment of EPE foam sheet/film products, mainly used for the heat/adhesive bonding and thickening of EPE foam sheet/film, increasing the intensity and thickness, widely used for the packing of electronic product, construction inter layer,soundproof, heat preservation etc.

Swiss Heaters:- we are using Swiss technology in heating gun which gives faster speed along with long lasting heating solution.

Air Blower: we are using good quality air blowers for the shake of safety of Swiss heaters and it gives better surface and less thickness loss to epe foam sheet so 0% thickness variation.

EPE foam sheet/ FILM Bonding machine -Thickening machine can roll diameter from 10mm to 120mm. Working principle of this machine adopts  electricity heating, heat the linker to the bonding temperature, and then get the  products available after shaping, cooling and cutting.The thickened foam sheet/film will increase the intensity and thickness. There are horizontal and vertical types, the output is 18-26m/min, and the combined thickness can be 10mm-180mm.
The main products used in electronics, instruments, equipment, furniture, ceramics, flooring, lining bags, life-saving equipment,roof insulation, water and electricity projects in areas such as the concrete insulation.This is all about EPE foam sheet/ FILM Bonding machine -Thickening machine.