100 KLPD, Dedicated Fuel Ethanol Plant, Fully Equipped, Automation

₹ 149 Cr for Complete Project
Capacity100 KLD
Automation GradeAutomatic
Power Consumption1750 kW
Frequency50 Hz
MaterialStainless Steel
Operating Voltage440 V
Country of OriginMade in India
    1. FOB Price: 1490000000
    2.  dedicated ethanol plants, for ethanol-blended petrol (ebp) program in ethanol deficit states for supply of denatured anhydrous ethanol  fob price: 1500000000
    3. fob price: 1490000000, design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, erection& commissioning of 100 KLPD molasses and grain-based ethanol plant
    4.  the distillery will use grains as raw material in the production of fuel-grade ethanol.  
    5. the process description of alcohol production in using grain as raw materials is as follows
    6. the incoming grain is first cleaned with the help of de-stoner and magnetic separators to remove stones and other material which may damage the hammers during milling.  
    7. the grain is fed to the hammer mill in a controlled manner. In milling, grains are crushed to flour of uniform size. Oversized screening rejects are segregated with the help of vibratory screen. These are taken to coarse bin before sending it to mill again. Intermediate hopper is provided for buffer capacity for flour storage. The flour gets transferred to the mixing tank for slurry preparation processslurry from pre-masher is taken to slurry cum liquefaction tank where both steam and liquefying enzyme are added. The mixture of slurry and steam is then provided with the desired retention time at a given flow rate. The cooking process, accomplished in the above manner, converts the slurry into a hydrated, sterilized suspension and is therefore susceptible to enzyme for liquefaction. Liquefied mash is cooled in slurry cooler and transferred to fermentation section. The complete reaction of conversion of starch into ethanol can be represented as follows,

Additional Information:

  • Item Code: NSCETH100
  • Production Capacity: 33KMT/year
  • Delivery Time: 12 Months
  • Packaging Details: wooden packing

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