1.​XPS Foam Board Edge Forming Machine

This edge forming machine (XPS Foam Board Line)  is mainly used for processing the edges of the XPS Foam Board Line.It has the shapes such as: SS flat head, SL lapjoint, RC  rain groove etc. The equipment has good appearance, reasonable designing, easy operation and high efficiency. It is the necessary equipment for processing XPS board.

2.​Surface Notching Machine

This equipment is mainly used for deeply processing XPS heat insulation  board. By cutting lengthways and transverse groove on the surface of XPS heat insulation board, to add the adhesive force with cement and bonding agent. Or insert heating hose into the groove for keeping shelf and heating protection board for floor heating hose.

3.​Roller pulp moulding machine

Drum-type pulp moulding machine primary comes from Europe, our company fetch
in advantage technic boldly in the middle of nineties, it gets good commentary from profession’s internal as a result of its excellent performance characteristic. On the basis of it, our company develop and exploit products which apply to developing country. It has got good comments from customer and confirm of society since wwe launches into market. It has higher output and better dehydraulic than reciprocating forming machine which made in china.(produce cycle is 6-7 times longer than reciprocating, containing water less 20%-30%).


4.​drying line

Drying line developed by our company adopts international advanced technology, combined with advantage of drying line from domestic and abroad, energy saving, up to the world top level, this drying line can use natural gas, conductive oil, fuel, etc.(XPS Foam Board Line)