PSP Foam Sheet Extrusion Line

This production line adopts double-screw foam sheet extrusion technology. Psp foam sheet is a kind of new-type packing material with the features of heat preservation, safety, sanitation and good plasticity. It’s mainly used to make various types of food containers, such as lunch boxes, dinner trays, bowls etc by thermal forming. It’s also can be used to make advertisement boards, industrial products packing and so on. It has stable performance, big capacity, high automation and high quality products.

XPS foam board, named as polystyrene extrusion board (XPS for short) has a flawless  closed-pore cell structure. Its density, water absorption, coefficient of heat conducting and the coefficient of steam pervasion are all lower than those of other board heat preservasion materials and they have the charact eristics of strong intensity, light material, airtight,anticorrosion, aging resistance, low cost, etc. It has been widely
used in the fields of heat preservation and heat insulation in the construction industryfrost resistance of the highway, railway, airport, square and household fitment. It is generally acknowledged the best heat preservation material in the market at present.

1.      For heat preservation of steel structure workshop, iron sheet house and colored ripple tile.
2.      For making up the heat insulation board in the refrigeration storehouse for cold preservation and waterproofing.
3.      For laying the bedding under the road bed of the highway for buffering and controlling the frost heating of the ground.
4.      For waterproofing and heat preservation of residential building, office building, the factory wall and roof.
5.      For laying the bedding under the floor for the functions of heat insulation, damp proof and soundproof
6.      For heat insulation and heat preservation of the ventilation pipeline of central air conditioner.