PE Air Bubble sheet Extrusion Line produces-Polyethylene air bubble film.

PE Air Bubble sheet has two kinds – polyethylene air bubble film and compounding polyethylene air bubble film, which is wildly used as packing material. It provides bigger advantages of good cushioning effect, shock resistance and heat-sealing.  It holds good corrosion resistance, transparency and so on. it has been widely used for packing post parcels, precise instruments, bicycles and furniture, etc.


A. INTRODUCTION: Air bubble packaging film has gained a good status in packaging field as a convenient and economical cushioning material. Cushioning materials are available in many types and forms. The old traditional wood excelsior and shredded paper or tissue have been supplemented or replaced by corrugated pads. Further sophistication, convenience and improved functional characteristic in cushioning have been achieved by using various types of plastic foams. Most commonly used plastic foam for packaging application is expanded polystyrene. Air bubble polyethylene film is preferred over expanded polystyrene because it is cost effective. Resiliency of air bubble film is much higher than expanded polystyrene and ultimate volume of package is much lower if air bubble film is used. It is most suitable for packaging of light fragile items, sophisticated electronic goods, calculators etc.. The demand generation of electronic goods in recent years has left wide gap to fulfill the packaging need using air bubble film which has generated a good potential of the project for new entrepreneurs. Besides packaging applications, air bubble film is widely used in developed countries as swimming pool cover.

B. PRODUCT USES & SPECIFICATIONS: The major area of application may be segregated into the following fields. 1. Packaging of fragile items like crockery etc. 2. Packaging of electronic items. 3. Plastic machinery parts packaging. 4. Precious antiques packaging. 5. Pharmaceutical bottles, vials packaging etc.. 6. Some special type of chemical packaging. 2 SPECIFICATIONS: Air bubble film is a two layer laminated low density polyethylene film with entrapped air inside, between the two layers in bubble form in some orderly fashion. Air bubbles render cushioning effect. The bubbles may be of different sizes. The size of bubble and thickness of film is decided depending upon the end use (i.e.,) the type and weight of content to be packed. Air bubble LDPE film has following properties. 1. Excellent water resistance 2. Atmospheric resistance 3. High dielectric properties. 4. Resistance to termite and white ant. 5. Easy and economical packaging process. 6. Very high shock absorption property. 7. Resistant to most acid and alkalis for moderate duration. 8. Light in weight, attractive look, printable, washable and heat sealable.

C. MARKET POTENTIAL: Packaging industry in India has an estimated turnover of Rs. 11,500 crores, which is growing at the rate of 18 per cent annually. The changing pattern of the Indian Consumer behavior directly affects the packaging industry as the direct expenditure incurred by companies to make the products attractively packaged is increasing day by day. The industry has a huge potential and it is growing at a rapid pace