EPE Foam Sheet/ FILM laminating Machine

EPE Foam Sheet/ FILM laminating Machine  is a deeply processing equipment of EPE foam sheet/film products,
Mainly used for the tectorial surface of EPE foam sheet/film.The material can be PE
film, plated Aluminium foil, plastic-coated paper, plastic-coated fabric and so on.

Laminated foam sheet increases intensity, is waterproof, and can be printed character,

pictures, improving the grade of the product, widely used for the packing of box lining, life
vest, the wooden floor under layer. The car has a lock, motor adumbrate cushion, household appliance. high-top Pottery and so on

laminating machine is a kind of deeply-processed equipment for PE foam sheets. It is to make a laminated products with PE film or aluminum foil. The laminated foamed sheet can improve the intensity with the features of damp proofing, waterproofing, and a good surface. Furthermore, it can print words and pictures on the surface, and further improve the quality and applications. It can be used in the packing of inner, precision instruments, top-grade porcelain, and so on.
HR laminating machines is mainly use heat-conducting oil as the heat transfer medium, symport sheets, and films. It has the advantage of good effect with embossing and strong adhesion, high efficiency, easy to operate.

Main technical parameter:

Width of product1800mm
Power supply380-440V 50Hz three phase380-440V 50Hz
Heatingtube-type heating
Heating power21.6kw
Main motor power2.2kw
Total powerAbout 28kw
Compressed air7Mpa
Weight1.5 Ton

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