About Us


Began its journey in 2005, N.S.Consultants is a pioneering company, based out of India and provides consultancy in the field of polymers.

We  provide  turnkey  project  solutions  exclusively  for  Polyethylene foam,  Polystyrene foam, Polyurethane foam, Continuous Plants for Polyurethane Foam,  PE Pipe,  PE NET,  Profiling extruders, Transverse Cutting Machines, Rotary Cutting Machines,  Vertical Cutting Machines,  Rebounded PU plants,  High impact polystyrene,  Vacuum forming machines,  Automatic paper glass machines and Paper mesh egg tray plants.

We provide overseas solutions for sourcing raw materials for PE, PS and PU plants.

N.S.Consultants has been extremely successful in all its State of Art projects which as a matter of fact is the outcome of continuous efforts, hard work and expertise of some of the best consultants in the Industry.

Originated from India, we have now progressed and crossed the boundaries and now function and work together, in harmony with different teams across the globe.

We deliver significant values to our clients and strive to achieve consistent customer satisfaction through a group of experienced technocrats across the nation providing quick response without delay after implementation of plants.

N.S.Consultants was Co founded by

Mr. Sushil Sharma, M.A., M.B.A, who has  excelled in Techno-Commercial interactions over a span of  28 years , holds Dynamic Knowledge Base in Machinery Sourcing  &  implemented many projects successfully.

Mr. N. Nagaraja, a  Polymer  Technologist  &  Mentor, who  holds  vast  28  years  experience   in     various Plastic Industries, possessing an expertise in technical and project implementation field. Hundreds of his juniors are Heading Big company, He created and educate the team of technocrats and empowered them. Educated the new customers/company owners about technology.

We are currently based at New Delhi & Bangalore in INDIA , U.A.E. BANGLADESH , DUBAI , CANADA , CHINA  & expanding our base with many offices across the Globe.

We are determined to add value to our clients by improvising our operational excellence at every step and strategizing our methods to make this firm more profitable over the years and provide a sustainable platform for the business capturing all the growth opportunities we can embark on.

We at N.S. Consultants meet the challenges with a determination to bind all our the existing and the future clients to grow their businesses with us. We always welcome your valuable suggestions in the fields like formulation of raw material, waste control management ,training of operators, providing guideline to optimize the use of land and industrial shed with world class safety measures and almost anything that can help us serve you better.

We constantly educate our customers about uses of gas, risk factors and safety measures, how they can obtain their CCOE license through our vendors for Gas bullets. We also provide best solutions for storage of gas, educate our manpower to get quality products and support the marketing department to establish and enhance the dealers’ network across the boundaries.

We are proud to have had a great success in completion of several projects and by far all our projects have been running in profit. All our clients have been interested in extending their businesses with us which shows their satisfaction and trust in us.

We believe that to keep a customer’s demand is as much skill as to win one. We wish to have our customers be a part of all the solutions so as to help us design the best plan for them keeping all their requirements well suited to their country specific market.

You can definitely help us serve you better !