​EPE Foam Pipe/Rod Extrusion Line

1.​EPE Foam Pipe/Rod Extrusion Line

EPE foam pipe/Rod extrusion line is a machine which produces new-type foam material and it is widely used in the jacket of air conditioner, pipeline, heat insulation, toy guardrail, recreation places etc.

Due to its high foam ratio, good elasticity and heat preservation. As a kind of new type foam filling and ornament material, EPE foam rod is widely used in spring mattress,

sofa stem and edge, automobile seat, sofa backrest and top-grade clothing. It is also widely used in the filling of contracting joint in building due to its good rebound elasticity.

2.​EPE Foam Net Extrusion Line

EPE foam net is a kind of new soft packing material. It is widely used for the package of glass products, precision instrument, and various kinds of fruits.

​3.​EPE/XPE pipe bonding machine

Pipe bonding machine HXJG40-120 can roll EPE, XPE and IXPE sheet into many kinds of pipe  which have good quality, high efficiency and convenient operation.
It can roll diameter from 40mm to 120mm.

Working principle of this machine adopts electricity heating, heat the linker to the bonding temperature, and then get the
products available after shaping, cooling and cutting.